Frequently asked questions
Am I eligible for a Cardless product?
Cardless products are available to qualified individuals aged 18 and above with a Social Security Number and a valid (non-PO Box) mailing address in the United States. To obtain a card, a qualified individual must apply for and be approved to receive a card.
Can I apply for multiple Cardless products?
No. Currently, Cardless customers may open a maximum of one credit card account. At this time, if you are a current Cardless customer, it is not possible to change to a different product or close your account and open a new one.
Does Cardless support my mobile device?
Yes. To take advantage of the full Cardless experience, we recommend that customers have an Android device running version 6.0 or later or an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 13.5 or later. You can download the latest Cardless apps for iOS or Android.
Will I have to pay an annual fee?
No. Cardless does not charge annual fees, foreign transaction fees or late-payment fees. If you carry a balance beyond your payment date, interest charges may apply, as detailed on each account statement. Click here to read the Disclosure of Rate, Fees and Other Cost Information.
What is a virtual card and how do I use it?
Each Cardless product allows you to create a virtual card number that you can use for online transactions. Once you’re approved for a Cardless account, you can begin to use this number immediately while you wait for your physical card to arrive. Simply download and open the Cardless app and tap to view your virtual card number, three-digital security code, and expiration date. You can replace your virtual card number easily in the Cardless app.
Do I need to request a physical card?
A companion physical Mastercard will automatically be sent to the mailing address Cardless has on file for you after account approval. Cardless is entirely mobile wallet-friendly. While you're waiting for your physical card to arrive, you can add your virtual card to Apple Wallet via the mobile app or Google Pay to start using it everywhere that mobile wallets are accepted. You can also use your virtual card to make purchases online.