Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cardless?

Cardless is a credit card company focused on helping today's most exciting brands launch credit card products for their superfans. It is based in San Francisco, California.

How can I access my account?

Looking to access your account? You can download our mobile app (iOS or Android), or log in to your account online at

How do I earn Rewards?

You can earn rewards by using your card wherever Mastercard is accepted. For specific details on how to earn rewards for your product, reference the relevant product page.

What qualifies as Subscription Streaming Services?

Purchases on subscription streaming services (including eligible music and video streaming services, including Netflix®, Hulu® and Disney+.) Some services, such as Apple Music, Apple TV+, ESPN+, Prime Video, AT&T TV and Verizon FIOS On Demand, are excluded, as well as audiobook subscription services & fitness programming.

What qualifies as Bars & Restaurants?

Purchases at bars & restaurants (including cafes, bars, lounges & fast food restaurants), as classified by network Merchant Category Codes (MCCs).

What qualifies as Rideshare & Transit?

Purchases on rideshare & transit (including taxis, parking, tolls, trains & buses), as classified by network Merchant Category Codes (MCCs).

What qualifies as Groceries?

Purchases at grocery stores include supermarkets and merchants that offer a full-service grocery line of merchandise. Some merchants that sell grocery items are excluded in this category.

Are there exclusions to Rewards?

Purchases made through third-party payment accounts, mobile or wireless card readers, virtual wallets or similar technology will not be eligible if the technology does not provide sufficient transaction details for rewards qualification.In accordance with standard industry practices, merchants are assigned a merchant category code (MCC) based on their line of business, or the type of products and/or services they primarily sell or provide. Cardless does not assign MCCs to merchants. Even if you make purchases at a merchant that appears to fit in a Rewards category, the merchant may not have an assigned MCC in that Rewards category.

How can I contact Cardless?

You can reach our support team via phone +1 (888) 227-3537, available Monday-Friday from 8am-9:30pm ET and Saturday-Sunday from 8am-5pm ET. You can also send us an email at [email protected]. We respond to most requests in 1-2 business days.